HIND RABII is the Belgian lighting brand that sits in the past, the present and the future, promising a continuity of taste that will transform your lighting investments into a timeless cultural presence.

In HIND RABII, the specialist media and lighting architects find designs of everlasting quality, and creations that have in common a sensitive and timeless expression.

HIND RABII marks 20 years of design built on a love of materials, and constantly updated techniques.

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A great disk like the sun and hidden behind a big clock hand or what it seems like, a gentle, not blinding light.

Belle d’i the great


Inspiration from the characteristic shape of Morocco’s traditional Beldi
glass for tea and infusions.
The simple, clean lines of the pendant are contrasted with the material quality of the glass, obtained by means of blow-moulding techniques. A timeless lamp: stylish and original, it blends perfectly into any environment, whether classic or contemporary,
to create a warm, evocative atmosphere.



Created from the desire to create an object of fluid, curved forms, T-COTTA is the fruit of the union of materials, both of which come from earth, both are worked by man and both
forged by heat.



Is determined to be  at the centre, at the heart  of places, a long fresco or hookedon modest surfaces.
Its lights are all in suggestive and subtle
mother-of-pearl corollas.



Comes loose from its surfaces to take shape
in spaces. The limits of its contours do uble up to create magical landscapes. Throughkeyholes that are free and formed with sense,
ESPRIT YA-YA sculpts and cuts the lightto offer you what you see!



Pendant for indoor use features a fabric shade and an adjustable cone-shaped
aluminium reflector in copper or carbon color for direct and indirect light.
With its contemporary linear design, it can be used in various positions and at different heights, so as to obtain an interesting interplay of light and shapes.

C1 glass silver and copper.

C1 glass silver and copper.

M1 T Gold.

M1 T Gold.

M1 Gold.

M1 Gold.


This combination of three shapes, with three external and three internal, «COORDINATED» finishes to create a NEW environment, associated with HIND RABII creations.



Like the fruit of the same name (FIG in Italian), which conceals succulent pulp beneath a thick skin, here the light is protected by a shell of ceramic hanging from a tapeas if from the branch of its tree.
It comes in three different shapes.



In green, transparent-white, milky or transparent lava glass, DISCA expresses
itself fully in any defined or virtual place. Its flashes of light carry its shapes off
to infinity, as they spin on themselves in a Venetian vortex or a Viennese Waltz.



A collection of pendants and
wall lamps, with an ample choice of heights and diameters, so that the lamps can be combined to create light effects of varying intensity. Cylindrical shade made from velvet or printed
fabric in different variants. Metal reflector with aluminium in copper and carbon finish

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